Ignore Me…

Yesterday, I ranted…yes, it was a rant about people who talk too much in public places. Well, you can ignore me. If I am:

  • In a bar, a public place, on a Friday night.
  • On a train, a public place, on any given weekday, remember those 4 or 5 women in the aughts who would talk about anything and everything, of a personal nature?
  • At the check out counter at the mass retailer (Target, Walmart your choice, though I choose the former any given day), also, clearly a public place with no semblance or presence of privacy at all…
  • Anywhere…Just, not in a waiting room, full of people with the same (or similar) issue you have!

You can choose to ignore me, talking to my friend out for an evening, or you can listen in on what we’re saying and judge me – when you shouldn’t have been listening in the first place. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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