Pizza For Days

We – as Americans – can usually eat pizza for days at a time.

The circumstances just happening this way…

Friday night pie enjoyed as leftovers all weekend.

Having no time to make your own dinner and deciding to go out (that following Monday).

In a rush for lunch and given the options for take out, with pressure to choose quickly.

On the way back from travel and nothing in the fridge…stop at your favorite fancy city spot.

Pizza it is.


We will not complain.

The varieties are out there, from traditional Neapolitan, thin crust, to Chicago style eaten with a fork and knife if needed (with lots of napkins). Brick oven, coal fired, on the grill, in oven using a pizza stone – no matter if it is to share or personal sized – we love it.


Freshly made.

Baked dough covered with our favorite toppings.

Even when you have options, you still choose pizza for days and days and never complain.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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