All Options

When you have all options ahead of you, you may not be able to choose.

There are just too many choices. Where to start can be overwhelming, too distracting or seemingly impossible.

The only way to decide is to just go for it, trust your gut, make a decision that feels right, right now. It may not be the best thing, or the way you would go if it was last year or in 10 years.

That famous game show always had three doors. Pick one, then they give you the choice to change. The odds say to change again…but, in the end it is just one thing in a long life and there is no wrong answer.

You can bet the odds, or you can consider all options and weigh the outcomes – making one choice, for now. Just for today. In real life you can’t go back and “change your mind” but you can change what comes next. And that is what really matters most.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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