One More Offer

If you got just one more e-mail communicating their offer for Cyber Monday, from the same company that already sent you 5 messages (at least) would that make you buy it now?

Or, did you delete the others because:

  • you don’t need anything from them this year?
  • you already bought something from them in the last few months hearing of “inventory shortages”?
  • you were not interested in their offer?
  • you believe there will be a better one?
  • you already bought something from them Friday?
  • you already bought something from them today?

Now, you need to delete the final (maybe…there is still time left) e-mail. Even though it had one more offer or reminder of the offer… This is a deal you can refuse, simply because it is refusable; it isn’t compelling and it is getting (so) annoying that it may make people unsubscribe.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS I rant, because there will be a few ICYMI “in case you missed it” Cyber Tuesday (as if that is a thing) with similar or the same exact offers tomorrow.

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