Making Progress

Every week, month and year, as long as you are making progress, it is a good thing.

We are one month to go, now that November is trailing behind us, in 2021 and most can’t believe that it is finally here. Others, just can’t wait.

It is a matter of perspective.

Kids, still in school until later in the spring time, won’t even really be thinking that there is an end. They just know that everything will (essentially) be the same for them come the flip of the new year and calendar.

Adults, on the other hand have so many duties to manage, home, work, taxes and more. The end of the budget, the beginning of a new one. The last change to spend funds allocated, the final opportunity for a tax deduction. The vacation days that have to be used, rolled over or wasted.

Take the time. Take stock.

One little step. One less pound. One more accomplishment. One more good habit started while breaking a bad one. Another project from your honey-do list done.

If you are not making progress, what do you still need to do? It is possible to still do more. Just keep going and you can get there.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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