After All of the Eating

It is the holiday season. It has only just begun. After all of the eating this weekend…

Are you more resolved to be better?

Are you just giving in and letting it all go through year end?

Are you ready to pace yourself – that was then – this is now.

Are you craving whipped cream, pie, cookies and ice cream?

Are you tired of mashed potatoes, or just the turkey?

Are you one of those parents who is okay with pie for breakfast?

Are you still able to zip your pants?

Are you re-hydrating to combat the salt, sugar and carbs?

Are you just dreaming of how delicious it all was?

If it is the latter then you are probably not at all thinking about how (now that you have been forced to think about it, and are looking back) after all of the eating was done, you didn’t even calculate how long it took to cook.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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