Is It 42

The meaning of life… is it 42?

I don’t know for sure.

It could be just a joke from a Monty Python movie. Or, it could be that it is the middle of a wish. Perhaps the middle of age – or, middle aged – and by then you have an idea of what you want, deserve and should be able to expect?

It could be magical numbers in math, ones that I am not sure I can remember anymore. Certainly more magic than just 6 x 7 or 21 x 2. (There are other combinations, I will let you think about a few and maybe you will share with the rest of us for a laugh or two.)

My guess is that is it not one number in particular, nor a place in time or an age. It is a whole bunch of things that all add up in time to become a blip and then maybe it repeats.

Again and again.

Then again, there is an answer to some questions. (Just maybe not these.)

How many is too many Christmas gifts for one person, is it 42, or it is more or less? Why don’t you be the judge of that for your own self and whom you are giving to, but, not who is giving to you. Maybe it is related to pieces of chocolates given (and then eaten)? Packages delivered already this month (it is only the 6th… see 6 x 7 – does that sound impossible now?) I could go on, but I won’t – I think you get the idea.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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