Easier and Faster

Travel is time consuming – especially road trips (in the rain) but there are ways to make your trip easier and faster.

Make a list of what you need. Pack early. Pack light. Plan your route and know your alternative route options – even with GPS.

So, it’s true, I am a fan of maps. I know they take more time to read and to understand but they give you options when traffic – due to previously mentioned rain – gets in your way.

But since we don’t rely on printed “anything” like we used to, it would be even better if more businesses used online tools available to them to promote their business – especially when people are traveling.

I don’t know the area. I’m not sure of the best place for lunch or dinner and while the hotel or the people you visit may be able to give you referrals which are BEST, there are some things you just don’t ask.

Your browser knows you – maybe better than anyone else – and can bring you the places you frequent without you having to ask “Where’s ____?” For, me, you already know I like Starbucks and Target.

It is much easier and faster for me when my map is pre-populated with the places I like so I can pick the right hotel for my journey.

Do your clients’ browsers and maps know your business? If not, why not? The internet is not making it more difficult or slower for people…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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