Time to Reflect

It is the weekend and I have been thinking about how the year is almost over. I wanted – no, I was given – time to reflect.

Events gave me the opportunity to take many, many moments to think about how lucky we are, how great this year has been, but how it will soon be busier than ever. It’s almost Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Years… so many holidays plus finishing projects before the end of 2014 is upon us.

I wanted to use this time wisely. I chose to reflect on the past and what we did right – and what we will need to do.

Every business owner should make time to learn and be better – maybe this year was full of hard work, maybe it was luck, maybe it was your staff – but there is always something to learn and you can always be better.

Everything changes around you and it is too hard – well, maybe not too hard, but very, VERY hard to keep up with everything that changes. Products change – they get better. Services change, again for the better. Google keeps changing to make sure that it can provide it’s users with the best of the internet and what they want, even without them knowing it.

Are you using the information available to you and the tools to get it delivered to you daily (at the very least.) Don’t be too busy to review information and to make changes on what isn’t working anymore. Be able – make it possible – to learn more about how to be better. Take advantage of any amount of time that you have to be thoughtful, to seek out clarity and to learn what do to now so that 2015 is even better.

I am so very lucky and thankful that I had time to reflect.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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