Road Trips

When we were kids, we had no choice but to take road trips. They were long and drawn out and we slept as much as we could. We played games like counting cows (if you saw a graveyard – and claimed it – you stole everyone else’s cows), license plate bingo, road trip bingo with the little sliding green doors to cover the items you were supposed to see on your way. (I actually bought these for my kids when they were toddlers – how nostalgic of me – they asked for The Movie, please.)

Now, in most cases, we fly.

Except when we don’t want to because of the time it would take to go through security, wait for your flight and then take the 2 hour plane ride, you can almost drive faster. Or, maybe a connection makes the time it takes too long to make sense.

I don’t care for the road trips anymore. The games don’t hold my interest and they certainly don’t hold the interest of my children who need to be plugged in constantly. Honestly, so do I, whether it is the co-pilot or music or a telecon – it makes the trip go faster.

Maybe I would like them better if they could get more fun – somehow. So, maybe a company out there should work to make the road trip fun again. How’s that for a little inspiration? Or a challenge. Whatever you think it is… I’d love to see what you can do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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