The Yellow Pages

Synonymous with information for years, nay, generations – The Yellow Pages has come calling. I didn’t think that they did this anymore. I guess I just thought that companies just listed their business there as one more thing to do when they open their doors.

Today, they came calling. It only took them 7 years, but now they want me. They want little old me. You know what they want. They want me to advertise in their book.

They actually mailed me a long letter, extolling the benefits of joining them.

  • Easier contact.
  • Brand awareness.
  • Trust.
  • Recognition of my business.
  • Creating legitimacy.

All valid things.

I am honored.

However, it must fit the business model. I don’t want random people to call me let alone show up at my front door. I don’t have an out-of-home office.

I don’t earn clients that way. Many other companies do though…and it still does matter.

Someone told me today that they have gotten to a point where they want to know – and like – or at least get along with their clients.  I couldn’t agree more.

While I do think that retail and service based businesses can see a benefit from The Yellow Pages; they MUST list themselves on Google, Yelp and of course, Facebook among many other online platforms. It just matters more to be on those strictly online platforms to most people. Most people…like my clients, certainly to my kids and probably anyone under the age of 60 with access to even the slowest computer, oldest smartphone and something slightly faster than dial-up internet service.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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