One More Thing

Just when you think that you have done everything…every thing on your list…there is just one more thing to do.

  • Laundry
  • Make lunch
  • Make breakfast – or coffee – or both
  • Go Shopping
  • Read e-mail
  • Take notes
  • Pay your bills
  • Drive the kids to school
  • Go to the beach
  • Pack a bag
  • Think random thoughts
  • Make the bed
  • Smile
  • Make a joke
  • Laugh at someone else’s joke
  • Forgive someone
  • Say hello to someone new
  • Say good bye to someone you love… just for a while – until the next time anyway
  • Unpack your bags

There is always one more thing to do, otherwise, we would not have anything to do with our days.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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