Sharing Memories

How else do we learn about our ancestry and our history without the common practice of sharing memories.

They are not always happy memories, like today’s holiday and the reasons for celebrating Memorial Day.

Yet, we can celebrate. We can walk in parades, collect candy, take pictures of the marching band, the antique cars; sing along to the string band and the karate kids. If we want, we can even complain about the cold or the heat or the rain.

It is, of course, still important to be respectful, pensive, reverent and thankful.

Yet, we can’t be sad all the time. We need to celebrate, we need to be thankful and happy that we are still free. Able to enjoy the freedoms given to us. Free to cook on the barbecue. Free to drink more than we probably should on a “Sunday” school/work night. Free to choose what we want to do for the day off. Free to complain about the things that are changing; the new rules we are governed by.

These are the reasons people fight for our country and Americans who they don’t even know.

So, today, like other holidays… We gather together. We are busy, we get ready for friends and family, we enjoy our times together, sharing memories of the year – or, since the last time we saw each other – or, how much the kids have grown – or, what it was like when we went to the 9/11 Memorial – or, what we remember from that day – or, what we thought of Gettysburg – or, what we still think when we have the ability to listen to our grandparent’s stories. Loved. Free. Appreciative. Happy. Tired. American.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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