Fill Your Days…

It is a good idea to fill your days…

  • with things you like to do.
  • with meaningful work.
  • with productive activities.
  • with every day tasks – we used to call them chores.
  • with less time working every minute of the day, being sure to take some time to share a meal with family and/or friends (some might be lucky to call them co-workers, too.)
  • with books and movies – even some you wouldn’t choose for yourself.
  • with tours and museums and parades and other celebrations.
  • with less sleep and more doing.
  • with picnics and BBQs and eating out.
  • with easing into your day with a cup of coffee, sometimes a little slower than others.
  • with physical activity that keeps you healthy.
  • with photo ops and scrapbooks to help you remember.

Holidays and mini-breaks are a great way to fill your days…with great memories. Just be sure to budget time for some rest because that is an important component of being able to keep up with the rest of everything.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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