Quick Change of Scenery

All summer and during winter play season, we help the kids work on their abilities to make a quick change of scenery – they get better each year and each performance.

The pond to the duck nest or from the battle ground in Les Mis to the saloon and from the “teenage n’er do well” bedroom scene to Thunder Road racing…”see a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!”

We have had a quick change of scenery here at the home office, and at Target, and at the grocery store…and – well you name it they are all ready for Thanksgiving (and probably Christmas, too.) No more danger “Enter if you dare” and threatening, throwing up pumpkin Jack-O’Lanterns; we are ready for the too short season of fall thankfulness with mums, gourds and all of harvest’s bounty. In the next few weeks, we will move right past the election, in time for a day of over-eating with family-time and a sigh of relief for a snowy (maybe) Christmas!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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