Who doesn’t love candy?

Kids. Adults. Halloween trick-or-treaters.

It isn’t something you have to feel bad about. If…you normally:

  • eat well
  • exercise
  • drink plenty of water
  • and don’t indulge – all the time

We all love candy. Some, more than others – like dark chocolate and sea salted caramels – even if they are not given out on Halloween, they are more of a Christmas, Valentine’s or  Wednesday afternoon treat. On Halloween though, there’s no holding back, just go for it: Reese’s, Baby Ruth, Hershey’s,  Snickers, Twizzlers (except the fun sized, they’re kind of weird), Butterfinger and the best of the best – whatever YOU love most. Don’t share; do share – it is up to you. Just know that it is not just for kids. It’s for kids at heart – of all ages.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS I was once a candy buyer. Best. Most. Fun. Job. Ever.  Too bad I didn’t have kids then, they would have loved the samples I would get. Really.  More than I did; at least the Extreme Warheads (sour taffy)…I was more of a Take 5 and Fast Break kind of girl.

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