Once a Day

If your system only e-mails your customers once a day with the update on their order status, you are probably missing out on the opportunities that would present themselves.

  • Upsell in real time, same day.
  • Schedule pick ups immediately.
  • Get them their order now.
  • Exceed their expectations.
  • Let them rave about you tonight.

Sending out updates through out the day allows them to ask you questions while the e-mail is fresh in their mind before you close for the day, not in a day or two (or longer) if you send communications after hours.

Even if you both e-mail and text.

Send it now. Don’t wait.

Once a day, outbound communications are too few and far between to make the most of the staff you have, on hand, today. Make the best of now. In real time. You might not have the same opportunity tomorrow. Today matters. More.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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