Just One More

Is there room for just one more new social network to be developed?

Or, is there room for so many, many more?

It seems that each month, I am invited to a social network – for professional lead management, or project management or just a new way to “talk to people” – something that will make it easier to connect and communicate.

Typically, I have never heard of the platform before a random e-mail comes my way – which doesn’t surprise me. But, it is a way for me to learn more. So I do.

Which often starts by me searching my connections on LinkedIn, first. 99% of the time, they are connected with me there.  Unfortunately, then, I have to wonder why they didn’t just reach out to me there…

Do they really think that it would be a good idea to start just one more way to keep in touch, or should they, perhaps focus on the 5 solid ways that are out there already? This thing can’t be The Next Big Thing if they have to rely on the old, big thing, to get your attention. Or, can it?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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