Find The Perfect

There really is no way to find the perfect way…

  • to happiness.
  • to say I am sorry.
  • to broach an awkward topic.
  • to explain the way you feel, based on your entire life’s experience.
  • to just let them do what they will do.
  • to ask for more.
  • to live.

You just have to do it.

Kids challenge us in this every day. We want to help them, protect them, educate them. But – they can’t know all that you know. They have to learn on their own. You have to trust that you did everything that you could do in the short time you have them with you.

You just have to let go. See what happens.

It is not 100% possible to find the perfect way to anything, you have to keep trying. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t but at least you put yourself out there, in the biggest way you could. You took a chance. You risked something; convinced someone else to risk it with you. You should trust and have faith that it will work out. Or, it won’t. But it will all be okay.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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