Just Missed It

Darn. That was my favorite song from the whole play and I just missed it.

That wasn’t the only thing…there was also:

  • the express train home on a Friday night.
  • the car turning in front of you unexpectedly.
  • the text that said come over and hang out as you committed to something else (work related.)
  • the shooting star.
  • the perfect spot on the beach.
  • the last copy of the book you’re reading for book club at the library (or the bookstore.)
  • the window between perfect pancake and slightly over-cooked.

Sometimes it is good to miss, other times not so much.

Just don’t think of it as bad.

Life isn’t passing you by, even if you just missed it, there are plenty of other chances to see – experience – enjoy – participate – cheer on – something else that is also amazing. Even though “Never Grow Up” is my absolute favorite song from Peter Pan, I am certain that I will have another opportunity to hear it again. Maybe, just maybe as early as tomorrow.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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