There are a number of things that can happen during your day that are inconvenient.

  • Traffic
  • Lunch in the office – a working lunch meeting (it sounds convenient, but it really isn’t)
  • A line at the grocery store that doesn’t move as someone tries to pay with a promo check that isn’t valid…
  • The Rx not being ready when you try to renew for your parents
  •  A rather tall person standing (or sitting) in front of you – blocking your view
  • Losing your headset and having to hold the phone for a 2 hour conference call
  • Running out of TP – the kids not having taken the time to replace the roll
  • Your size being out of stock at the store and your event is tomorrow
  • Having to stop for fuel, rest stops and lunch – because you know – you need to do what you have to do
  • Dusting – if you don’t, you sneeze – if you do, you sneeze
  • Avoiding foods that you know are bad for you but you like to eat anyway
  • Photos loading multiple times and taking up hard drive space
  • Losing 2 hours of work done when you computer crashes because you don’t have enough free hard drive space…

None of this is that bad, is it? It is just stuff that happens or is part of life.

Life is inconvenient. Make the best of it, grow and learn from your set backs. Move on and be more flexible, more willing to adapt and overall – less stressed and happier. Go with the flow. Look for the sun and the light…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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