Cruisin’ Along

I like boats. I like sailing. I love the water, the wind in my face and the sun shining down. Summer is perfect when you’re just cruisin’ along, enjoying the weekend.

Vacation is nearly over. Summer Camp is, too.

The time we have together is going to pause until we can get back together again. Sooner than later, I hope.

But, really, it is just moments away from the end of the month of July and sadly, the first day of school is ahead.  They’ve already updated the postings on the digital signs in front of the campus and back packs are lined up in stores.

Taking vacation at the beginning of the summer is never my ideal plan – instead I prefer to wait until everyone else has gone away – enjoying the quiet moments in the office (well, at least that is how it used to be) and getting a lot of work done.

Indeed we have. The last 30 days have been jammed packed with scripts, sleepovers, road trips, lunch packing, snack stand support, ice cream socials galore.  Cousins visiting, aunts and uncles, too – family all around.

While we still have one more month, we will not be going anywhere on a cruise ship, we will do something else to make the most of the rest of the holiday…maybe a day out on the bay – or a lake – until then, a two more shows.

Then, we will be done enjoying Summer Stock – cruisin’ along to the sounds of Cole Porter being sung by our favorite young voices. These days, we want them to be locked forever in their hearts, with fond memories and in a few more years (5 more I think) until the last performance.  Only then will we know if it will be just one more day or a future for both, neither or even just one of them.  Summer though, we will have forever, after another nine (or 10) months’ time.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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