It’s My Turn

I am in a book club. No lie. Or, maybe, it’s no surprise. Today, it’s my turn to host. I host once a year, every January, since I joined…5 years ago.

I used to read and read and read all the time as a kid. I was voracious in reading everything I could. Book series were like candy. (My mom seriously held back on candy even though she kept a not-so-secret stash of Twizzlers, which I loved and usually a “Chunky” candy bar, which I didn’t.)

I used to think “what is the harm? You sent me to ‘bed’ not to ‘sleep’…” and so I would read all night until they came to tell me to go to sleep. NOW.

Flash forward. College. Work. Kids. Work…and more work.

I stopped reading “for fun”.

Now I read at least one or two (but usually more like three or even five) books a month. Fiction, business related or even YA – come on, who didn’t like The Hunger Games and Divergent?

So, I host my bookies so I can pick the book.  I chose an easy read for “post holiday stress disorder.” I thought, with all that goes on in our “mom” lives, we need an easy read but one that gives us the chance to take a turn for our selves… what with kids still home from school/college, taking care of a son’s seriously ill dog, a big family wedding, a sick child, college hunting, return from a holiday sabbatical (of sorts) abroad in India, a busy start to the year with new clients and sadly, the sudden heart-wrenching loss of a dearly beloved mom.

When it’s my turn, the book I choose isn’t sad, or too serious, or even a story per se. This month’s book assignment was What To Do When It’s Your Turn, and it’s always your turn. By Seth Godin. I think we all need a turn. Whether you are a mom, a dad, a writer, a maker, a worker, or even a very lucky child…with parents who have loved and cared for you so deeply all of your life; take time for you and make a choice to do something you think is important. It might just help others. Oh, and if you are up for it. Write. Seth was one of the folks who inspired me to write…and here I am; what’s more important (maybe) is here you are…reading it.

Thank you for reading… ~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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