That’s Not All

It’s Friday, but that’s not all there is to the week. We still have one (or two, depending on your perspective) days left.

Of course, here in eastern Pennsylvania, as we brace for an historic blizzard, the week’s retail sales may have hit their peak. People are home after clearing the bread shelves, not an egg carton to be found and oh, right, what’s that white liquid my kids never drank? Milk. That’s fine I guess. But, if it doesn’t snow, the trucks and warehouses are empty, too; so additional deliveries won’t be out until next week regardless.

Due to hosting book club, I spent a few (ok, more than a few) minutes in the grocer yesterday and the mass retailer (yup, Target.)  I needed a few things. Gluten free crackers. They get eaten just as often by my kids who are not gluten intolerant as much as my friends who actually are; plus cheese and olives.

Then, at the last minute, I didn’t think we’d want to rush out for lunch snacks on Sunday, so the kids have been warned not to eat them all over the weekend…or lunch will be boring.

It seems that each time we have a snow storm, we must clear the shelves, buy new boots, shovels (we have 3 perfectly good ones from the last 5 years of storms) and fill every car with fuel – just in case.

Now, I am thinking what can I get done this weekend “snowed in“. We have 1/2 of an inch and I am pretty sure that’s not all we are going to get…but if it is, that’s ok. I will still accomplish a lot and maybe – if it clears – we will go see a movie or out to dinner. The snacks will keep…I think, (I hope.) And, then, the car’s full tank of gas that could get us almost all the way up north to visit my sister who isn’t (supposed to be) getting any material amounts of snow.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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