So What If It’s January

So what if it’s January? I don’t care what the “norms” are for the month – and neither should you. 

  • I bought a cheesecake on Friday from Termini Brother’s Bakery.
  • I found (and ate) some Girl Scout Cookies over the weekend. (They were from this past year’s sales, spring or fall, I am not sure but, somehow, we still have some in the cold storage closet. This year’s haven’t been delivered to us yet.)
  • Today, I was in Hoboken and visited (for the first time) Carlo’s Bakery – you know, the Cake Boss – I bought some cupcakes, a Napolean and a tray of cookies for tomorrow night’s book club at my house.

So, what if it’s January and normally, every year, your sales are down – even if it’s a budgeted 5% – if you could do something about it and change the norm, you should. You have 10 more days to make a difference in January’s performance – talk about it, promote it and make it happen this month – or at least, get a kick start on February. (Oh, and I am definitely going to Pilates tomorrow.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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