Ideas Are Free

In many circles…ideas are free.


  • free speech
  • friends gathering to help a friend
  • family who pulls together to solve a problem or to simply rescue new parents from a colicky baby

All of those things, the ideas and the work, might be free. In fact, they are often, free flowing with lots of options, opinions and potential solutions.

Maybe more than you want.

In other circles, the ideas are not free, think:

  • brainstorming to create a new promotion
  • business planning for your new company
  • critical thought and strategy that will result in your new product.

In the latter case, neither the ideas are free, nor is the work. Those ideas that are highly sought after, can be very expensive… If you offer the solutions, the concepts, the ideas – for free – do not be surprised if they are not chosen, nor believed to work. If you have a good idea, it is valuable, and it could be worth something. Evaluate the situation and don’t sell yourself, or your ideas, short.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Be there to help your friends and your family…and if you really believe strongly in something talk about it. Just don’t offer up your creativity for nothing.

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