But, It’s Free

The argument “but, it’s free” doesn’t work on everyone. Sure, sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Free samples of wine at the liquor store on a Friday night. Probably works. (Even if you don’t buy the wine that was being sampled, you may decide to buy another, similar wine that you might not have come in to buy.)

Free subscription to a magazine you don’t want to read. Maybe works. (Even without trading in airline miles or credit card points – just because you are a loyal shopper. Just because it is free, doesn’t mean you need to keep it in your shopping cart, have it delivered to your mailbox, let it sit on your coffee table until you recycle it 6 months later with the rest of it’s subscription buddies.)

Free trial lesson at the music studio. Probably works. (Or, maybe it would still work if you charged a lower trial price. 3 lessons for half the going rate. Get them hooked and they’ll sign up. They might even take lessons for 8 years…and still not want to be a musician for their career.)

Free books as part of your membership…they are digital reads, nothing to toss or recycle when you are done. Might work. You can even sample all 6 before choosing – the genres are generous – something for everyone. (It’s just that the experience may leave you wanting. The stories are not quiet engaging, enough. The characters not quite likeable, enough. The amount of time it takes for you to get into the story pulls your attention away from something else that is much more valuable to you.)

If they are desperate enough to try to convince you to buy it, but then, give up and try again for no cost…their final plea “but, it’s free” probably means that you don’t really need it, want it or see any value in it. You certainly shouldn’t spend more time on it than you need to and there might be something more valuable for you to do. Your time isn’t free.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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