How Are You?

When you start a conversation you can ask a question, but are you really looking for the answer, or just waiting to move on to the real issue? A simple: How are you? Did you like your meal? How did we do, are you fully satisfied?

  • Fine. 
  • Yes. 
  • Good.

What if those aren’t the answers, but instead, they go into detail…

  • Exhausted, the kids are sick and I am not sleeping well… 
  • Well, it wasn’t at all what I expected and wish I’d gone with the burger. 
  • No, not really…and tell you in detail why.

It’s more than simple pleasantries, this is the real deal. Do you really care when you ask “How are you?” Or, is it just something you say out of habit, not expecting an honest answer? When they go into detail, think about what you’ll do or say next. It can really mean a lot more than you think for your friends, your guests and your customers and ultimately, you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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