The Best Of It

Life has to be more than making the best of it. But it doesn’t always have to be the best.

From school, to work to living your days – hobbies, past-times and bringing up family – each moment can have meaning…but some can just be.

I see that there is so much pressure today, even more than ever and it is growing. The importance on happy. Perfect. Picture worthy.

If you order a sandwich and the bun is slightly less than round, or not placed exactly on top, it’s documented and sent back to the kitchen.

Getting a C on a paper or a test is the end. of. the. world. (It isn’t.) Maybe you didn’t edit, or proof or even plan ahead. Next time you can start earlier, proof it at least once, maybe twice to be sure. Re-write the bad sections and get a B or – aha an A, or maybe you will only ever be able to get a B.

A project runs late, or you don’t get a promotion. (Or, you get the promotion, in name only – and a shiny award – but no monetary compensation to show how much you are worthy of the work.)

Sometimes the best of it is all we can do. It may get better, it might not. You still have to keep trying, but remember that sometimes that is all you’ll be able to accomplish and then, you just have to accept that, learn from it and move on.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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