Hidden Meaning

I think there might just be a hidden meaning in the hand symbol on the automatic faucets in airport and travel center sinks. 

Those hand symbols are meant to show you how easy it is to wash your hands with the water that magically appears…
Or doesn’t.

I know. It always happens. You stick your hands under the sink and start the dance, waving and twisting them around, hoping for water.

When we were talking to the contractors and rest of the engineers in my former career, we wondered about the real savings for water conservation. (Of course now today the argument would also be a reduction in spreading germs…) so I agree there are benefits. Way back then, in the 1990s, we decided to trust in the estimates and that the cost increase would be well worth while…and the environmentally conscious guests would approve, too. So, a win-win.

I haven’t seen any improvements since then, but I think there must be a huge savings because I am convinced that the symbol, instead means “Start praying now that water comes out of this faucet so you can rinse the already lathered soap off your hands!”

So, whether it’s a hidden meaning or not, think about this the next time you travel and start your prayers before you soap up…it might just save you some critical moments rushing to catch your plane.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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