Entertaining Customers

If you can keep entertaining customers, you are probably doing something right.

Re-engaging them and keeping their interest is more than just providing services, products and customer service that makes them want to come back.

Make them smile, laugh or have a better day. They will share the story of their experience – with everyone they know, or at least with the next person they see.

Keep listening to them, asking them what matters and if it is your brand vision to make your customers happy, you can start by telling jokes, puns, clever sayings and being entertaining. Customers, like me, and so many others, really, really like that. It’s not because they make the very best burgers…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Here is Shake Shack’s buzzer, something to read while you wait for your greasy, but delicious cheeseburger and fries. I really wanted to get a pic of the “Patience young Burger Jedi” but alas, the guy next to me was too impatient to get his food to let me snap one.

Let us entertain you.

Let us entertain you.

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