Dyed In The Wool

What do you think it takes today to be dyed in the wool? Even being the expert and the go to resource there are things that you can learn, don’t you think?


  • It takes having a voice.
  • It takes making your opinions known.
  • It takes being open minded to listening and adapting, just in case.
  • It takes having a sense of creativity.
  • It takes being in the box, or being out of the box, when it is important to be one or the other.
  • It takes perseverance.
  • It takes perspective.
  • It takes patience.
  • it takes time.
  • It might, take Facebook, Twitter or another platform of your choice.

Being dyed in the wool may make you think of old days…or, something you don’t want to be labeled, or something you don’t think you are…but, it is as true today as it was when the phrase was invented. Also, it has nothing to do with dying Easter eggs – unless of course, it is your favorite, tried and true method of doing just that.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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