Bright and Shiny Easter

When I was a kid, I was so sad…even with the jelly beans and chocolate bunnies that we stashed in our little white and pastel purses, sneaking them out to eat during church service. Sitting there, we tried not to drop a single candy as we listened to the reminders of the past few days. As a young girl, I wasn’t at all happy thinking it was bright and shiny Easter Sunday considering what had happened only a short week ago on Palm Sunday.

As I learned what the holiday was all about, I began to understand the premise and the underlying beliefs.

However, my faith is not the topic of this post…

I began to enjoy the holiday, in all the ways that there are to enjoy it. Knowing that it was the lead-in to the season of rebirth was just a simple part of the season’s joy.

Later, as my husband and I had our children, being able to share with them the excitement and the anticipation of what was to come next was so amazing. Spending time with family became more and more important to us. It gave the holidays so much more meaning and value.

What I am thinking today (and for a few decades) is that everyone’s springtime, Christian or not, is in need of all things that are actually bright and shiny Easter. Starting with yellow daffodils, purple crocus, and sunny days that rise routinely far above winter’s chilly temps. If you want, you can add bunnies on the lawn, carrots in baskets, Easter eggs dyed in cheerful colors, chocolate chicks or bunnies or eggs and of course, the best of the best in jelly beans. Whatever it is that makes you happy; whatever makes you look forward to the rest of the year is what you should think about this week…and, in the weeks and months to come.  Happy Easter & Happy Spring to everyone.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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