But With a Bang

Last night was hopefully the end of winter, leaving us – “not with a whimper, but with a bang” – complete with thunder and lightening, to boot.

It is the end although a new beginning. The beginning of summer sales. Swimsuits, patio furniture, convertibles.

If only we were ready for all of this.

Sure, spring flowers are popping up (again) having made it through the last ditch snow (8″ plus ice.) Maybe the tulips will arrive in time for Easter – if the squirrels haven’t eaten all of them.

It is those who are desperately looking for an end to winter who rush out and buy up all of the short sleeves, light and bright colors with the anticipation that they will be able to wear them and not freeze their toes off.

I know. First hand; or at least first foot.

I have tried unsuccessfully to wear flip flops and open toed shoes a few times this spring/winter/spring/winter/spring that we have been having – to no avail. While I haven’t gotten frost bite, I have shivered and been reminded not so politely that it is still 37 degrees outside.

Maybe we should just wait for summer to celebrate.  By then, I am certain that it will be hotter than we want it to be and complain about it…with or with out recourse or action but, with a bang of fireworks, or even on the drum to say that it is too hot…and that most certainly something should be done. After all there are people who don’t have coats who are probably enjoying the warmer weather, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS We installed solar panels, we bought a hybrid in 2008 and we do recycle. What else is there to do? Ride bikes everywhere? I don’t think the trend is “self-riding bikes” although that would be less interesting and more stressful.

Maybe look at the past 100 years and see that there is a trend and it is most indeed, cyclical – or is it?

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