Drip. Drip. Drip.

Answer: Drip. Drip. Drip.

Question: What do marketers, parents and torturers all have in common?

As marketers, you “drip campaign” the heck out of your clients… you let them see your logo, your message, your products and services over and over and over again, until they buy or they scream “Enough!” Then, they can unsubscribe if that makes them happy and you never have to bother them again. Resolution.

As parents, we bug, bug, bug our kids until they either do what we want, run screaming to their rooms, or graduate and move out. While they may move back in for a bit, they are out of here the minute they can afford to live on their own, which in today’s cost of college, will be around 30. Maybe. By then, they may have kids and see the value of their parents helping with their kids and why we bothered them so much. Realization.

Torturers on the other hand, they don’t necessarily have a win at the end of their game. They could be crazy, and just like what they’re doing. They could be looking for information which if they are water boarding, someone is likely to give them…albeit whatever it is they “think” they want to know…unless you have started the good fight and someone (or a bunch of someones) come(s) to rescue you. Revolution.

So. Who wins in order of your preference? The marketers, the parents or the torturers?  You may not think that the “Drip. Drip. Drip.” is all that bad given the three options and choose 1 or 2 unless it is a 4th option and it isn’t any of the above – resolution, realization, or revolution. It is instead, a leaky faucet and then, well, you should just call a plumber; which, you should just be resolved to do, because plumbing isn’t any fun at all and they do know what they’re doing.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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