Be Tempted

It is hard not to be tempted to do things that you don’t think you should do.

The e-mail this weekend (and for the last few years around this time of year) promotes any and everything that you may or may not need, or want…

If you avoid the stores, stay off of the computer, too. The offer will expire and you won’t really even miss it.  Then again, in order to stay off of the computer, don’t read your phone or tablet, either…it is everywhere isn’t it?

I know, I should be helping the marketers, the marketing efforts, but I don’t work with retail clients right now. That said, it does work.  You have to plan ahead though.

If you need to sell something, start collecting e-mails. Then, send e-mail to them with a compelling offer. Be judicious, don’t over promote or over discount…think of higher margin or easy to sell out items. Be prudent in timing, too – don’t send 8 e-mails in one day – even on the weekend after Thanksgiving. That is a surefire way to get an unsubscribe request and you wouldn’t want that to happen. I know that retailers don’t want any leftovers in store, but they should value their most loyal customers.

Of course, if you are even the most loyal customer who is trying not to be tempted – you probably want to stay away also from the leftovers – although pie, mashed potatoes and gravy are really, really good.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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