Step Back

No matter where you are, this month, take a step back and think about everything. It is nearly December and if you haven’t already thought ahead to the new year, you should.

It isn’t that I believe in “New Year’s Resolutions” or anything like that. I think you can change your direction, your goals and your path at any point in time if it is the right thing to do.

This isn’t the end, it is only the beginning of all the new tomorrows. The Holidays will come and go, you will buy and receive gifts, you will spend too much, or spend too little…or, at least think that you have.

Don’t worry about the mistakes you have made – but just ponder what you have done…

Taking a step back always gives you new perspective. Sometimes it makes you look at where you are, other times, where you have been and what you have accomplished. Maybe, what you need to see is what you have yet to complete.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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