Need It, Want It, Got It

Which is it this year: need it, want it, got it?

Reading the countless emails promoting Thanksgiving weekend and Cyber Monday sales, I’m not sure that any of the categories fit this year. Even if we don’t have it…

Plus, even though our youngest is 11, there isn’t a lot on her list. 

Each year I think it gets more difficult to surprise the kids. Shopping for them is a challenge.  Going away is a nice alternative, but isn’t always in the schedule; even for a weekend. 

Thankfully (it is still Thanksgiving weekend) our closest friends and family tend to ask for time together or choosing to donate to a charity in their name. 

When I run the “gift quiz” in my head, I ask of each toy, electronic device or apparel item I see advertised: need it, want it, got it and the answers are, fairly consistently: no, not really, and yes.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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