Ask Again

Sometimes, you have to just ask again.

  • Just to be sure.
  • To verify the answer.
  • Checking in on status.
  • Communicating and staying in touch.

Today, we ask, “What do you want to do?” as if the decision is not (actually) out of their hands and beyond their control.

To be clear, sometimes, what you want is still impacted by other’s decisions that override a predictable situation. Every single decision is like a butterfly effect and one thing can greatly impact the options that are currently available.

Then, you throw in a global pandemic and all bets are off.

You think you are in control…but you really are not.

So. While you may think you (as the more mature, more experienced, more educated…or more, whatever) may believe is right, they will have a difference of opinion.

Or, maybe you will ask again (and again) until you get the answer you want…Or, at the very least, finally able to be clear that the person you are asking (really) understands what it is that you are trying to get them to learn, understand and accept.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Perhaps it is that you just need to come to grips with reality and that you can’t control this situation either.

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