Just Be Yourself

The best option for being sure that you can be consistent, is to just be yourself.

  • If you try to “fake it till you make it”, you will probably get caught.
  • If you really don’t like something (or someone) it will come out.
  • If you are talking to someone and you tell them how you think, and it isn’t really what you think, you will probably forget this the next time you speak to them.

You are not expected to be perfect, or an expert at everything. Just at the things you have known all of your life, or past the 10,000 hour mark.

Studying only gets you so far, but experience is what will prove that you really know what you’re doing.

It is really hard to be someone else. So, better to just be yourself. (Even actors aren’t always good at portraying someone they are not.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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