All The Same

He asked me, “Do you know what the TSA Agent looked like?” Honestly, they were all the same to me this morning. 

So, rather than say that… “No. I don’t,” I said. 

Why not? 

Well, one of you had “randomly selected” my son for an added security check. You know, the one with the biggest laptop and the smallest bag to put it in…the one who is not yet an adult, but no longer able to be classified as a child and saved from removing shoes and belts and all potentially dangerous materials from aforementioned small bag. Not able to be saved from being personally searched for potential weapons…


Another had my bag pulled off the conveyor due to something they saw on the screen…

And, oh, yea that other thing…

Yet a third was the one who told my daughter that if her phone went into the bin on the front side of the X-ray machine, it was still in the bin…and then he promptly stacked them all together and took them away. 

The fact that I don’t remember which TSA Agent, in particular, told me this, was not surprising to me.

We were early to the airport today. Very early. However, at O’Hare, I am not sure you can ever be quite early enough to avoid the long wait to get thru the security line.  

Until you finally, do…

And, your flight’s not even listed on the monitor, yet…so, you have time for a leisurely breakfast at the Ice Cafe (I think that was the name…see, I don’t remember that either), where, even though it is 7am you think one of those vodkas is looking quite appropriate.

If it’s all the same to you…I’ll just skip the security line, okay? That kind of stress, after a great holiday, is just wrong. It seriously makes you not want to travel…yet there are so many fabulous places to see, I don’t want to just stay home.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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