Pricing and Preference

When it comes down to many, many things – both products and services – people can choose based on pricing and preference

Certainly, overly high pricing for essentially similar things should lose,. but, people have brand favorites and they have the ultimate freedom to choose. Toothpaste, basic salted crackers and lawn cutting come to mind as simple examples…

Today we found out exactly how much our Uber driver “overpriced” our ride last night…was it simply because of the number of riders? I understand a larger car uses more fuel but we don’t really need an SUV for 5 passengers, unless we all want our own seat, shoulder room and oh, yea, seat belts.

In addition…The Uber drivers are driving – at least in our experience – cleaner, nicer vehicles. 

They are, again, in our experience, more polite, willing to chat and offer suggestions for dinner, events in the city or activities that we must, absolutely do, while here.

Plus, the Uber driver is not going to allow you to get out into traffic. 

They also don’t have the sign (shown here) on their seat that makes you wonder…does this apply to me, or even worse, has this happened in here?

In all areas, reasonably incremental pricing and preference has us choosing Uber over a city cab.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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