What You See

When you walk into your place, what you see is different than what everyone else sees. People tend to be more critical of their own spaces, than others. Unless…

That place is a restaurant. Then, the patrons may see the plant that needs to be watered or the light that needs to be relamped…or worse. (You can only imagine.)

Now. Let’s be clear. I am not saying that the restaurant where we ate dinner was like this. Not at all. I’m not saying it was great, either. We probably won’t go back, but that was because the food wasn’t quite as good as “everyone” has said it was. (No, I won’t tell you where I was. That isn’t what this is all about.)

It was just a thought.

A thought about how critical we are of ourselves, too.

I took a few dozen pictures of myself with new glasses. I hated – and deleted – most of them. My smile is too big. My eyes too closed. My hair is off too far to one side. I weigh more than I used to weigh. That one makes me look, well, crazy. Trash can. Gone. Deleted immediately. Of course, taking a selfie, with glasses which I don’t wear all day long (contacts – since 7th grade – thank you very much) and lenses that are not glare free didn’t help matters, either.

We all think it. It is ok.

You should walk into your home with fresh eyes. Look around, see what has been hanging around, too long, out of place. Rotate a plant, take out the wilting leaves (the plant will appreciate it and it will look better, too.) Throw away 2015 issues of magazines. If you haven’t read them yet, another one will be here soon. Find your Swiffer (give it to your kids). Aren’t they freakin’ amazing?

You definitely should see your own restaurant with the view point of a customer. Sit at the table. Look under it. Look up at the ceiling fans and in between the banquette seating. Move the salt and pepper, sugar, candle and table tent. Is anything less than perfect? If so, fix it. Teach the staff to look for it. Thank them for helping you…customers will appreciate the most subtle littlest things and be more trusting, more appreciative and loyal.

However, when it comes to ourselves… we are human. We age. We will never be as young as we used to be. We don’t get enough sleep, we eat more sugar than we should (well, I do that is for sure!) Many of us (not naming any names) drink more than we should, too. We are not perfect.

It’s absolutely, 100% alright.

What you see, may or may not be what you are. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You probably need help to make life better. I do believe that family and friends, co-workers and our offspring all make it better. So can better lighting, a professional photographer, a better angle, a little moisturizer, more sleep, more water, less sugar…or, a photo editor with a bit of experience to smooth it all out. But – is it real? No. And fake isn’t better, either.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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