We Had Extras

“We had extras!” is what the the new trainee, who spoke very clearly and precisely into the drive-thru speaker system, said as she handed us a bag, on top of the dozen and the hash browns.

They were free donuts.

But, I already bought and paid for a dozen…and aforementioned hash browns. Do I need more donuts?

Probably not. Actually, I don’t even need the ones I got.

But, I had the kids on an errand with me and it was a treat. We haven’t gotten donuts in so long, I can’t really even remember. It’s been that long.

Free. Donuts.

Thank you…we will enjoy them I am sure.

Actually, I was pretty excited, it was a nice thing to do.

Of course, stale, yesterday’s, leftover donuts are not good for business. You can’t sell them. If you do, people get annoyed. Ok, more than annoyed. Actually, even more annoyed than I was excited (and I really was, I was just playing it cool before.)

Plus, they said, “we had extras”. Why not give them away? It builds good will. Eases the pain of the times when you go through the drive-through and realize they forgot your sandwich or your fries but only after you have gotten just far enough away to make it impossible to go back to get the missing food item without being late. Yup. It’s the little things. One of them was Cupid’s special. Sugary-filled sweetness. Yum.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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