What Do You Hear?

When you listen to all the noise, all the messages, all the marketing that is around you…What do you hear?

Are you only listening to the shout outs from the brands you frequent? From the big box retailer, the car dealership, the fast-casual restaurant, that little coffee shop – the one you go to even though it doesn’t have a drive thru and the people want to know your name for your order (even though you order the same thing every day. of. the. week.)?

Or, are you listening to the clever messages that make a play on words, tell you about an offer that you shouldn’t choose to refuse (because you can… but you don’t want to say no)?

Do you say how are you today? Or simply answer the person at the register, “fine, thanks” and swipe your credit card for your purchase? Not. Listening. At. All???

Are you looking, listening and making decisions – what do you hear or what you think you hear? Refuse to conform, try something new. Listen with all of your heart and decide what could be better for you and those around you. Look deeper. Think more. Believe in the truth and honesty of any new brand you choose to follow and get connected to your local retailers.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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