Seen But Not Heard

When I was a kid, my dad used to talk about an age old phrase (a saying, if you will) – it wasn’t his saying – but I do remember it clearly: “Children should be seen but not heard.”

He didn’t believe it for a minute and to be quite frank, I think my grand mother knew full well that if her kids (my dad and his siblings) were not seen nor heard, they were up to something quote devious, dangerous or both.

Furthermore, if they were in the room and they weren’t making some kind of noise, then they weren’t the children of two musicians!

On the road, your branded vehicle should be seen AND heard. Yes, even if you believe that the Prius – or one of the other numerous options for alternative fuel, electric, or hybrid cars – running efficiently and quietly as it makes the rounds delivering goods and services.

Your brand should shout from the rooftops; the side panels, bumpers, front hood and trunk.

I am so happy each time I see a fully wrapped vehicle. I love them. They catch my eye. Some designs are better than others, but then again, some brand images are better than others. However, I applaud them all… it took effort, it cost quite a bit of cash and it works so very well to promote your business.

Seen but not heard is a bad saying from all accounts. I am glad it isn’t one we believe in…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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