Listening Too

My post from yesterday on hearing was really alot about listening, too.

Listening to your customers and what they say, is of utmost importance, not just in what they buy, or are buying but what they really are asking you to provide for them.

Sometimes I think entrepreneurs get all hung up on what they want to create, based on what motivates and drives them to be entrepreneurial.

Even you, the most out of the box, creative thinker have to be inspired not just by selling the cool new dress you designed, or the coffee blend that took you months to perfect, roasting, tasting (spitting out) and refining the nuances that make it perfect in your mind.

Listening too closely though, and only offering what people request, probably isn’t going to make you (Oh Creative One), very happy. So try to work on a good blend of the must haves, the oh, so creative and the things that are in demand that they sell out in a day or two. (It is good to leave them wanting more… then they try something new and just like Mikey, they may very well like it.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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