We Can All Agree

No matter the team, the city (or even the sport) we can all agree on beer. At least that’s what Bud Light would have us believe. 

I am a big fan of Super Bowl commercials, most definitely more than the Big Game. I am rooting, as usual, for the underdog. So, while I want the Broncos to win, I am excited to see the commercials this year, even more. 

I’m not alone. 

There was an entire pre-game show dedicated to the best of the best.

The fan favorite commercials have us reminiscing about Adrianna’s 2008 Victoria’s Secret ad reminding men of the real fun…the post game. Which was followed, no surprise, by the PSA on winning-city baby booms – otherwise known forevermore as the Super Bowl Babies.

Prius would have us believe that bank robbery is acceptable – the car is so fast – and somehow cooler because of that. “That” being said, the “normal” themed commercial was not nearly memorable.

Will Death Wish Coffee, the winner of a free commercial from Intuit’s, Small Business Big Game competition, be a BIG winner? (Remember how Go Daddy made their super bowl commercial work for them?) Their commercial was, in fact better, when seen on the big screen. Now, where to buy it?

The Pepsi flash back commercial that aired just before the half-time show was my favorite – until the Jeep commercial aired right after. 


Because the customers are the ones who make brands into who and what they are. The best companies know this. Jeep gets it. 

They’re not alone, but they do.

While some may argue that they really don’t love Super Bowl ads better than the game, the one thing we can all agree on is that we’d much rather see Marilyn Monroe than Willem Defoe in a white dress, standing on a subway grate. So, many thanks to you Snickers for changing her back.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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