Waiting Seems Like Forever

Sometimes, waiting seems like forever.

  • For your birthday to get here – not just for kids.
  • For the last day of school – again, not just for kids.
  • For your new clothes to arrive – hopefully in time for the wedding you’re going to this weekend.
  • For your tax refund – maybe just for kids…can’t remember the last time that was our case, but I do remember waiting.
  • For your vacation to start.
  • For your teenagers to wake up to get on the road for your trip.
  • For your new website to go live.
  • For the plane to take off.
  • For opening night.
  • For the results from your ad campaign.
  • For your dinner to arrive when you haven’t eaten all day – or you’re a kid with a teeny tiny tummy.
  • For the bread dough to rise so you can bake it.
  • For the cake layers to cool so you can frost the birthday cake.
  • For potty training to pay off, and start saving on diapers.
  • For your grant to be approved.
  • For your trademark to clear federal registration.
  • For the tradeshow to be over so you can sit down for more than 5 minutes.
  • For the perfect time to share good news.

The worst of all is when you’ve been told everything is ok, but you haven’t seen it for yourself and the waiting seems like forever and a day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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