By Comparison

It is by comparison that we can judge things – from our past to our present and that is the method by which we assess things in the future.

  • That was the best hotdog I ever ate. (I was 8 years old, watching my first major league game at Yankee’s Stadium.)
  • Those floats are the best in the world. (…again, I was maybe about 7, 8 not yet 9 and watching the Macy’s Day parade in NYC sitting on top of a telephone booth, eye to eye with my sister who was sitting on my grandfather’s shoulders.)
  • That was the best burger I’ve had in a while (maybe I am hungry right now, maybe not…) It was loaded with everything – cheese, salt, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, BBQ sauce and raw onions. The bun, the atmosphere, the fries and the coke.
  • When it was our anniversary, and my parents took all 3 kids to a play – they were 2, 5 and 8 – we sat at the outdoor cafe, lingering over lunch with a glass of crisp white wine and a chicken Caesar salad. (We’ve been back to that same restaurant, I have met the chef – she has never made a better salad in her life.)
  • Then, there was that €11 bottle of Bordeaux, in Paris. So smooth. So subtle. So perfect for an afternoon in the glorious apartment dining room of our airbnb. (They don’t even import that vineyard’s wine to the US and we didn’t think we’d remember it quiet so fondly enough to think to bring back a case.)

…all better than before and never to be achieved again – or, will they?

When we look back and remember the best of the best, by comparison, how can the past or the present be the best when there is still a future experience to be had? That my friends is what we need to remember…we can always do better unless we stop trying. Remember of course, the good memories, the best memories, and then try and make new and, dare I say, even better ones tomorrow.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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